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Husain Chung - Still Crazy after All These Years

Latihan, not Subud. From john hager, December 4, 2011. Time 12:34

Husain Thank you for your inspiring article! There is so much in Subud to discourage me that this was a real refresher! I am with you all the way. Should you wish to start an alternative Subud I would be the first to join! Shall we just call it "Latihan"?!

From Bronte, March 22, 2012. Time 1:0

It is only when the latihan has happened naturally, without the interference from others, that it becomes real.
When I did it with one Subd friend, briefly on the sand dunes a few years ago, and danced and sang like a looney, and when I did it with another Subud friend, and made so much noise that the next door Buddhist came outside to see what sort of demon had just been visiting her neighbour, I knew I had it RIGHT, for ME.
If only it could go on. But it does not.
Subud organisation may not be for All of Mankind.
But no one will convince me that the Latihan of Subud is NOT for All of Mankind.
Preferably before we destroy the world completely, which we seem intent on doing, by following dogma and not TRUTH

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