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Husain Chung, author of God the Therapist, was born in Shanghai, China and was moved to the Shriner’s hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii for 4 years, during which he underwent multiple surgeries. This began a life quest for meaning and to find the entity within, his true self. After years of this quest, during which time he spent periods of fasting, speech fasting, studying various practices, and feeling he was getting nowhere, he found out about Subud and was opened during John Bennett’s first trip to the US in 1957. The latihan guided him to his work as a rehab psychologist and later his entry into directing and teaching psychodrama. He was a well known figure in the 1960s running psychodrama marathons under the auspices of the Human Institute. Invited to participate as a group leader in the Yalom’s seminal work on the effectiveness of group process, he was the most highly rated group leader for competency, participant learning, and charisma. He was advised by Bennett after his first latihan that he could ‘turn others on to the latihan’ — and he has followed it.

Still Crazy after All These Years pdf, html

The story of a Subud pioneer who broke all the rules.

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