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Hadrian Michell - The Transformation of the Subud Organization

Positive internal dynamic of the 'leaderless. option.. From Luthfi Dixon, December 9, 2010. Time 12:33

I've given some feedback about this idea on Subud Wiki and on Hadrian's new Subud forum.

Have to say I'm all for this new leaderless idea. Remind me, who was the leader who introduced us to it? I'll follow him all the way! Only joking...

Seriously, it seems to me that the leaderless option is the way forward, and that it could rejuvenate Subud, which certainly needs rejuvenating. The great problem, and indeed the great tragedy of our times is that Subud doesn't seem to be moving forward, doesn't seem to be spreading among mankind as it should do.

Mankind desperately needs the latihan, and the org as presently constituted does not seem fit for purpose as regards transmitting the latihan to significant numbers of the world population. We are too inward-looking, too obsessed with navel-gazing, despite seemingly worthy efforts to establish ourselves as an NGO on the U.N. and having quite a few, though thinly-spread, charitable projects around the globe.

We need to move forward in an open manner, spreading the word about Subud and having Subud as an open, dynamic, utterly democratic spiritual movement which can of itself spontaneously undertake building, enterprise and charitable works which can be there as a resource for Subud members and non-Subud members.

The old templates simply haven't worked to any significant degree, and indeed have imploded in significant sectors, such as that of large enterprises. Where they haven't imploded, they hold us in a kind of death-grip, as exemplified by the 'Helper' system, which no neutral observer could fail to note has held back both existing members and the possibility of spreading membership.

The 'leaderless' option is the most exciting, dynamic, and fruitful new development I've seen in 46 years of Subud membership. The fact that it knocks a few thousand little egos on the head is no bad thing either.

I have the feeling that the internal dynamic of this very positive new idea will ensure that it progresses, and works, by reason of the logic of its own positivity, and I look forward to that happening.

Relinquishing Anxiety. From stefan, February 15, 2011. Time 13:50

Hi Hadrian,

I very much like the clarity of your article. I want to find the time to follow up your reading list and see how leaderless groups can function dynamically. I was reassured to read " members of each country come together and decide for themselves the nature of the way they wish to be organized. Just as the latihan is the same for each of us but adapted to our own individuality, each country will develop a model appropriate for itself".

One of the things that most draws me to the latihan itself is that it manifests directly and differently in each person. So the latihan can help people move beyond the outmoded tribal type of spirituality which requires a rule book and a benevolent dictator interpreting and enforcing it. If initiatives arise from inspiration and enthusiasm rather than from "we should all..." it could revitalise our association. This requires a relinquishing of anxiety about Subud groups and nations conforming to one pre-agreed model. If we view ourselves as a network which is constantly learning and developing then local flexibility and experimentation will be accepted as part of our culture. And we will learn rapidly from one another's successes, for example in how to gain or retain new members. Many thanks Hadrian for all your work in "holding this space" and showing how we can become an egalitarian Subud association.