Hadrian Michell


Mini Biography

I was opened in 1972 just after leaving university and have never looked back. Having worked in sales in the then communist bloc for a few years I saw at first-hand the chaos, human suffering and crass inefficiency of state-socialism. Following that I worked as a management and IT consultant and witnessed the way in which corporate enterprises follow goals which disregard the humanity of their staff and customers - and exploit their environment. I was thus always looking to see if the "true social democracy" which Subud was supposed to engender could become a reality anytime soon.

A chance meeting in 2003 let me to form a team and organize seven Subud "global enterprise meetings" around the world - and to write a book about those experiences

I have homes in several countries and travel much of the time gathering material for more books..

The Transformation of the Subud Organization pdf, html

Is Subud leading the way towards leaderless communities?

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