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Is remaining forever a requirement for membership?. From Philip Quackenbush, March 19, 2008. Time 6:9

Hi, Edward,

You said:

"Within a relatively short timescale we would be finding out the reasons why people leave something they should stay with forever."

While the methods you suggest for finding out why people leave Subud have merit, the assumption that someone "should" stay in it "forever" has no basis, other than assertions by the founder and a few members that I know of. In fact, I left it a few years ago, found more of what could be called "spiritual progress" outside its (rather confining, in my opinion) confines, and returned only because a local venue was nearby. Much of my life had been spent in the organization which meant that I had several people in it whom I could stay in contact with whose company I enjoyed and the available venue made it possible to participate in the spontaneous phenomenon in a group setting. It was just such an assertion (that one would be unable to be "closed" by a "helper") that turned away a person I recently brought to the organization as an applicant (the first I had ever brought to it despite over four decades of membership, including two decades as a "helper"), so it might be reasonable to assume that others would be put off by such an attitude when applying to be "opened," if not after being "opened."

Peace, Philip

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