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Edward Baker, who describes himself as a little-helper, operates out of Subud Sheffield, Subud UK. His day job is in a busy sales environment, and this perhaps reflects in his concerns for how we are perceived- and ignored -by the world. A major part of his thesis centres around how self-absorption leads us to be seen as aloof, unapproachable and not so welcoming as some other spiritual groups, and how failure to collect data means we are slow to correct this and other membership problems. In short, marketing our free, no-strings product. Edward has been in Subud since the early Seventies and has also acted as treasurer,chairman and above all member. He is the author of several rather dull sales manuals,has written for C4 and has his first play, Dies Irae, about to go into production and tour.

Answers On a Postcard pdf, html

Subud is an acccesible, free of charge, no obligation experience that many believe offers direct contact with what humankind has searched for down the ages. Yet for all that, more people leave than stay. "Answers On A Postcard" suggests that we need to collect the reasons why before we can attempt to deal with them.

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