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JON THREE YEARS LATER. From iljas Baker, May 27, 2009. Time 3:29


Jon: Can I have a word with you?

David (a Helper): Sure. Let's sit over here, it's quiet and private.

Jon: During the latihan I started to cry. I started to think: "Perhaps I am being released from some sort of childhood truama." My latihan stopped. I gathered myself together and it began again. I started to cry. It was a sort of release. Then I was about to say," God forgive me." Well as you know I am an athiest and I've made that clear to everyone in the group. I wasn't about to start asking God for forgiveness. My latihan stopped and I just got caught up in a long train of thought and my latihan never really started again. What's going on? Actually, this has happened a few times now.

David: Well, umm...

Jon: And another thing...I can no longer drink beer like before. After half a pint I feel really heavy. I feel like sleeping. And I can't go near spirits or wine even.

David: Perhaps alcohol is bad for your health and your body is letting you know.

Jon: Some alcohol is supposed to be good for you.

David: Well I suppose it is for some people, but perhaps not for you.

Jon: I don't understand that. My health is great. In fact my latest check-up was extremely positive.

David: Umm...

Jon: And another thing. I don't enjoy sex any more! I used to have sex perhaps 4 times a week. usually with at least two different partners. Females of course and one partner at a time. Completely consensual, safe sex. Both of us enjoyed it, it was fun, nothing serious. But last time I couldn't, you know, perform...It was embarrassing. That's why I got my health checked. There was nothing wrong. No sign of stress. Could it be the latihan that's causing these changes?

David: Umm...Why should the latihan have these kind of effects?

Jon: That's what I'm asking you, you're the helper. Is there something you haven't told me.

David: Umm...

Jon: Is there?

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