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A Return to Subud?. From Philip Quackenbush, July 24, 2009. Time 10:39

I'm somewhat amazed that it took this long (c. 2 years) for me to become aware of this article. Thanks to Rosalind Priestley's link from another discussion, I finally read it. Thank you for writing it. It has encouraged me to, hopefully, go into a discipline of daily latihans, probably upstairs in the gym area at night where I won't be disturbed (and directly above my apartment - I sometimes wake to barbells being dropped on the living room ceiling). Since my latihan involves little movement or vocalizations at this point, it probably will disturb nobody. Whether that eventually results in my return to the organization, as the undertaker said, remains to be seen. Currently, I find little value other than social contact in doing so.

Peace, Philip

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