Cenred Harmsworth


Mini Biography

Cenred is a Management Consultant specialising in Business Change transformation and managing large business projects. He is also a musician. Cenred?s latest work has featured prominently in some of the world?s major music industry magazine / publications. He was opened in 1971 and became a helper in 1973. Based on his relationship with Mas Totok he was asked to leave Subud in 1975. In 1985 he went to Jakarta for work-related reasons with his family, and re-joined the latihan at Wisma Subud. Was in Indonesia for the last year of Bapak's life, in fact arriving on Bapak?s birthday, and nearly three years total. He worked in the SJ Widjojo building all of this time, i.e. that is where the management consulting project office for PA Consulting was based. During this time, through marriage, Cenred and Julie became quite close to Bapak?s family. On returning to Melbourne he rejoined the Melbourne group. Cenred was Chairman of the Melbourne Clayton Group for several years. Although continuing with the latihan, Cenred has since spent less and less time physically involved with Subud in Melbourne. Cenred runs meditation classes in Melbourne.

What Happened? pdf, html

The article relates to Cenred?s history and experience with Mas Totok, including what he believes he got out of the experience ? as well as Mas Totok?s view on spirituality. The article also covers Cenred?s thoughts on the current state of Subud and the difficulties the Subud Association appears to be facing. It also covers Cenred?s view of what needs to be done to address these difficulties.

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