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Cenred Harmsworth - What Happened?

Meeting Mas Totok. From Edward Fido, November 29, 2007. Time 7:27

A very interesting and historically illuminating article, Cenred.

I remember being in the Australian Embassy in Jakarta years ago on a totally unrelated matter when Solihin Millin came in with this little Indonesian guy and introduced me, rather dubiously and surreptitiously, I thought, to him.

It was Mas Totok. I must say my reaction was that he looked a little furtive. I suspected I was not one of those to whom the man would later be introduced to when he came out to Australia.

Halim Wheelton filled me in on what Solihin had told him of Mas Totok. I won't go into detail.

Many strange things have happened round and within Subud.

I have, thank God, often found myself uninvolved in many of these.

Somehow, I've taken that as a sign.

As someone who is, by choice, now officially outside the Subud Brotherhood as it exists up here, I am glad you found your way back if it means that much to you as I remember you from years ago with some hint of affection still left.

Because of my birth and early childhood I never found Indonesia exotic or all that different though my East was elsewhere.

What I did find, in Bapak and some people, something I could not easily explain.

My suspicion is that, if there are spiritual diamonds in there, then they're buried under tons of spiritual guano.

I am a bit dubious of a management consultancy approach to solving Subud's problems or even ascertaining them because I have seen those very techniques have the proverbial lead balloon effect on it.

I must say I am unsure whether Subud will fizzle in the next twenty-five years or not.

That doesn't really faze me. I could cope.

Anyway, thank you for your honesty and my (belated) best wishes to you.

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