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God not being divisive. From Arianne Laidlaw, October 25, 2007. Time 22:0

The first paragraph describing Mas Totok's points of view was a pleasure because of the reference to God not being divisive. I evaluate spiritual points by whether they divide or unite mankind.

I also liked:

"People will not be drawn to an organisation where those who have been doing the latihan for years and years behave poorly; nor in this day and age will they tolerate any form of spiritual arrogance."

I was opened in 1969 and my doubts sometimes revolve around how we are behaving after all that time.

I loved the description of a spiritual person as normal.

Certainly not pretentious. When I first saw Bapak, I was

pleased that he looked normal in a suit rather than clad in a white flowing robe.

First hand accounts are precious, and I thank you for sharing yours.

Arianne Laidlaw in Sacramento, CA, USA

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