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Criticising the Infallible. From Haskel Adamson, August 13, 2007. Time 21:26

If you've got a problem -its your fault! Yes I do recognise this response in subud and also in the world. I wonder from where it comes. Is it a result of people believing in an infallible system? So any problem or critisism, can't relate to the issue brought up but to the individual who mentions it. This response i have heard when i have mentioned subud vision. The editors are criticised and personal faults are found, so that the defensive subud member does not have to look at the issue being raised. I suppose a belief in the infallibility of a system defines a dogmatic approach. I guess we could start communicating as adult siblings rather than as child siblings with Pak Subuh as our father and Ibu Rahayu as our 'older sister'.

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