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At age 15 I found out about Subud being a ?contact with the Higher Self? when people I did Yoga with introduced me to it during my last year at school in 1961. Bapak advised me to wait till I was already 18 to be opened. My father finally gave his permission just the year before I joined National Service, three months after I turned twenty. I think he wondered which was worse, losing his son to Subud, or to have him killed in VietNam, and he gave in to the lesser of two evils, in case the other was to happen anyway. I waited fairly impatiently, till 1965 to be opened, and have practiced latihan, either alone or with a group, ever since. I consider myaself an ?Isolated member? because of conflicts. I always found latihan to be a strong, active, experience, relevant to all of my inner and outer life.

Open to whom? That Is The Question pdf, html

I am contrasting the way in which Subud people I have dealt with actually behave, relative to the expectations created by all the literature on the subject.

Testing or Testosis? pdf, html

Many years ago when I was talking with one of our members, he used the word ?testosis?, saying that we had a bad case of it because we wanted to ?test? everything, worldly or spiritual. They regarded it as a disease it seems, but I did not."

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