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Bronte Grivell - Testing or Testosis

The Question of Accuracy. From Mike Higgins, August 12, 2007. Time 9:39

My question is this: If you're going to make practical decisions based on the guidance you receive through testing, don't you think you should first determine how dependable the results are? Are the answers you receive correct 50%, 65%, 85% of the time, or what? If you don't know what your accuracy rate is, how is it different than throwing the I Ching or spreading Tarot cards to receive your guidance?

At least with dowsing one can check the accuracy of one's answers. If I dowse a map and sense that I will find a particular lost object at a certain location, I can go find out if I'm correct or not. I know the procedure works and I know what can interfere with it - I don't have blind faith in it. The problem with relying on your feelings alone is that they only tell you what you consciously/subconsciously believe or want to believe, not what is true.

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