Paul O'Brien


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I am 57 and live in Victoria BC Canada where I have lived most of my life. Have been in Subud since 1980 with a seven year absence until recently when I rejoined. I have 3 wonderful adult children, and a wife who is also in Subud. My work career has been all over the place, but most recently I took a voluntary buyout from my job in the circulation department of the daily newspaper after 17 years and am currently unemployed and not that interested in working for a bit. I play Irish fiddle music and enjoy sailing.

Subud, Spirituality and the Body Electric pdf, html

When I rejoined Subud 3 months ago, my experience of the latihan was radically different from when I left seven years before. So much so that I couldn't help draw a line of causality back to my commitment to getting healthy a few years earlier. In the article I try to present the story with as much evidence and impartiality as I can. I believe I may be onto something and it could be of great value to other Subud members.

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