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Sandra Rimkeit - An Open Letter about Youth and Helpers

Response to Sandra Rimkeit 4-27-11. From Latif Tinker, April 20, 2011. Time 21:25

Dear Sandra
I probably know your folks as I lived in the bay area in the 60's and 70's. Perhaps Indira.Your essay on Subud is quite true. I feel as you do that lower forces that are all to prevelent in Subud are a real shame. I am 76 yrs, and looking back on Subud I am very gratefull for what I have received and how my life has been graced. I feel saddened about your experiences with those who are so anxious to lead with mind and hang-ups. I also remember quite a few members who I felt epitomised the best qualities, leaving Subud. I feel very saddened by this. Nevertheless, the hatred that I experienced actually drew me to a deeper surrender and therefore growth. My hope for you is that you will stay in Subud and perhaps end up with a great life.

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