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Sandra Rimkeit - An Open Letter about Youth and Helpers

Thank you. From Leonard, September 26, 2010. Time 9:8

Hi Sandra,

I really appreciated your article about youth and helpers. I hadn't heard if Subud was suffering because I've essentially left it. And my leaving had to do with interaction with my helper group, who did some things I had insisted they should never do to other helpers, like secret meetings about me instead of talking to me directly. Soon rumors and lies put me in a situation where I left.

I've always felt Subud youth needed to be encouraged to be helpers more. Young people are, on the whole, cleaner and more energetic, more idealistic and hopeful. The latihan is supposed to clean our faults for the next generation - cleaner than we were. I feel that going to youth latihans really opened my awareness of what the youth meant to Subud. Maybe if more helpers were invited to youth gatherings they would come to understand each other better.

As a helper, I felt painfully aware of my shortcomings and that of many around me. One of the greatest weaknesses I saw was that nice people don't want to police people who are misbehaving. There are many helpers who I feel are amazing people - if they could find it in themselves to step up and suggest latihan and open communications when someone is trying to control or judge someone else, I believe Subud would really benefit and the latihan would grow.

Thanks Sandra,

From SaiftheKnife, October 8, 2014. Time 21:13

Thanks for your very helpful feed back, Leonard. I don't remember having secret meetings with helpers about you at all when we all lived together in the area. I do not remember participating in any secret meetings at all.
If others hurt your life in any way, I apologize on behalf of those who did, even though I am no longer an active helper in SUBUD.

Saiful Rimkeit
San Jose, CA

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