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Sandra Rimkeit - An Open Letter about Youth and Helpers

Loving a small town doesn't mean living there. From David W, September 9, 2010. Time 20:39

Hi Sandra

I too grew up in Subud. I compare it sometimes to growing up in a small remote town with unusual characters, in which everyone knows each other. It's like One Hundred Years of Solitude on steroids.

I love my parents. I love the people I grew up with. But loving them does not mean that I have to live in the small town I grew up in, even though they choose to remain. I choose not to conflate the people with the movement or belief system to which most of them have devoted their lives. It's not my job to save them, or myself.

So: I just live my life true to myself, which involves not adopting the beliefs or practices of my ancestors ;-). No matter how much I love them, and feel attached to them, or remember fondly my eccentric and wonderful childhood.


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