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Sjahari Hollands - How to Read Bapak’s Talks and How Not To

Do Bapak's talks represent his presence?. From Merin Nielsen, July 11, 2008. Time 14:8

Hi, Sjahari,

You say that by listening to Bapak's talks, we join him in the latihan. Presumably, an audio recording of some 2008 group latihan would not present an opportunity of similar value. You say that Bapak's talks can be a support to understanding, providing that the reader or listener doesn't try to understand them. You say that the talks are no more than expressions of Bapak’s latihan, but that by 'participating in' them we may find an opportunity to come to a deeper understanding about our own latihans, through Bapak sharing with us a 'deep well of understanding'.

Then by way of explanation, assuming there was something special about Bapak or his personal presence, was it unique to Bapak? What special status do you attribute to him? In what way is Bapak or the latihan somehow present within his talks?

All over the world, now and throughout history, there have been individuals whom others regard as special in various 'spiritual' ways. How does Bapak stand out from these others? Might it be worthwhile to try -- through a similarly non-analytical approach -- reading or listening to the talks of various other comparable, highly regarded people? Do you know of anybody who has tried reading or listening to other people's talks in a state of latihan-connected receptivity, and reported on the benefit or lack thereof?


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