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Stefan Freedman - Buddhism and Subud

The Latihan is a form of meditation. From Mike Higgins, August 6, 2007. Time 20:31

Thank you for your thoughts. I consider the latihan to be a form of meditation - or a nonformal form of meditation -{ :?). There are many different meditation techniques and I have practiced most of them. Understanding other meditation techniques has helped me to understand the latihan and how to "practice" it. I have studied self hypnosis and am familiar with trance states. The latihan is not a trance state (or shouldn't be, - some people are going into trance and calling it latihan). I have studied dowsing (to find water, etc.) and my knowledge of dowsing helped me to understand Subud testing (which I consider to be a form of dowsing). The more one knows about life and about spiritual paths and practices, the more one can appreciate the latihan. Ignorance may be bliss but it is certainly not knowledge. I'll trade you knowledge for bliss any day. - Mike

From stefan, August 7, 2007. Time 10:21

Hi Marius, David and Mike,

So glad to read your perceptive feedback.

I've have met so many inspiring people who are not Subud practitioners and I learn so much by listening to what they value. I've been feeling an increasing gulf between the seeming self-sufficient bubble of Subud (now cracking with age?) and the richness "out there" where many waters and tides meet.

Buddhists are consciously adapting to modern conditions and becoming "engaged" with social issues. I'm not a Buddhist, by the way, but - like David - find a lot that inspires me in Buddhist ideas.

The international Scouts movement admits it had to retrain (and sack some of) its volunteer leaders and is systematically working on becoming a multi-faith force for co-existence, understanding and peace. I had the opportunity a few days ago to lead hundreds of teenaged boy and girl scouts in dancing and was moved to tears seeing a new generation from all over the world joining hands in a circle of equals.

An organisation is like a living creature. It needs to respond adaptively to challenges and grow past its embryonic form in order to thrive. I see a new determination among us subud folk not to "fizzle out" and I believe that we have a real chance of evolving and playing a recognised role, in tandem with many other international unifying organisations.

From Mike Higgins, August 7, 2007. Time 19:15

I suppose I'm different in the sense that I've never paid much attention to the Subud organization. I came for the latihan (responded to an advertisement by the way), not the social club (I don't mean that in a derogatory way). And I can do the latihan at home alone just as well as with the group (actually fewer distractions by myself) and therefore there is really no reason for me to attend the group latihans. In fact, the Subud house is 20 miles away which means it will take 40 miles worth of fossil fuel to get there. But my local helpers are great, apparently I'm lucky in this respect too, sorry to hear there is so much dissension within Subud -{ :?(

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