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Have good writers write about Subud.. From Sahlan Diver, July 29, 2007. Time 14:27


It used to be thought that leaflets about Subud should only be written and approved collectively by a group of helpers, so earnest were we about "getting it right". Your article serves to disprove this point of view. Readers will surely respond to what is written being sincere and genuinely from someone's experience.

Also Subud writings for the consumption of the public do need to be executed with due skill. I saw the first draft of your article and thought it lacked a lot, but through your own writing skill, and the advice and skill of the assigned editor and copy-editor who worked with you, the article was transformed - another demonstration of why these things should not be formulated by a random group of well-intentioned helpers or committee members who may nevertheless lack the necessary writing ability. As a further example, take the current, officially compiled warning that -- for a non-member -- reading Bapak's talks "may cause confusion" - an appallingly worded piece of English, highly ambiguous at best; it would have been more accurate to say "reading this warning may cause confusion".

Might I suggest that you send your article for publication to some new-age/spiritual/religious magazines - it is well balanced and to an "outsider" must surely be intriguing. It would be interesting to see what response it gets - my bet is a good response. If you do this, I suggest you give the sole contact details as your own email so you can monitor what happens to any enquirers that may result.

The only problem I see with your article is that its strength is through its reference to your personal experience. I look forward to seeing the ideal, general- purpose leaflet, written by a skilled writer or writers, impersonal, detached but without propaganda.

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