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Stefan Freedman - Buddhism and Subud

Meditation and Latihan. From Scribella, August 9, 2011. Time 11:43

I had googled Buddhism and Subud on a whim and was so very surprised to find your article. I have been a Subud member for 21 years. I was opened at 19, a second generation Subud member brought up without religion but a secondhand haze of subud culture. I deeply love the latihan and acknowledge much of my development to it. But heck it's been a rocky path with little support! In recent years I have dealt with depression and strangely I've found it helpful not to be involved in Subud. I practise my private latihan but have learnt mindfulness meditation to deal with the depression. This has led me to explore Buddhism as a religious practise that I have missed in my life. Buddhism offers understanding of how the mind works which has the potential to further liberate one's latihan. So long as one doesn't confuse the two practises, with an open mind, Subud and Buddhism could be extremely complimentary.

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