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Stefan Freedman - Remedy For Vanishing Applicants

The Answer?. From Edward Fido, December 18, 2009. Time 0:5

Stefan: I think one of the major problems with many Helpers is that they want to talk - sometimes endlessly, as one inactive Helper in my ex-group seems to - and they also feel they have a position of prestige (how always bothered me) in their tiny local community.

Marcus Bolt and Dirk Campbell - in their series of comic books - used humour to deflate this form of spiritual constipation more effectively than any purely logical approach I have ever seen.

If Barry Humphries ever joined Subud I think he would cleanse our mental Augean Stables by creating fits of savage, Zen like laughter.

My gut feeling is that the sort of bullshit approach you parody so well is deeply ingrained in certain Helpers.

Taking them seriously or getting involved in trying to change them is futile.

They have failed. Miserably. Utterly.

I suspect the World Congress in Christchurch will gently usher in Subud The Next Generation.

It will be the new wine in new wineskins approach. Less verbal. More of the 'Do not look at my outward appearance but take what is in my hand.'

Anything real or valuable in Subud is not on the surface. You have to dig deeply. I suspect it was only because some of us were touched by something beyond words and beyond manipulation that we stayed.

What that is, was, is indefinable. If its fruits are there you can see them.

You really do need to 'see' rather than 'hear' something.

From Stefan, December 18, 2009. Time 9:45

Hi Edward,
Yeh I love Dirk (who's now Martin)& Marcus' humour both for laughs & as an antidote to helper pomposity. I share your hope about the next gen.

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