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Factory-grown meat. From Sahlan Diver, August 30, 2010. Time 12:44


I was reading an interesting newspaper article the other day about early successes in growing pork meat in a culture in a laboratory. It seems like there is hope for the future to culture all meat in this way, a bit like growing a yoghurt, without the necessity to kill any animal. This would of course eliminate the environmental impact of excessive reliance on farmed meat and eliminate all cruelty to farmed animals. It would probably also eliminate all animals like pigs that are only farmed for meat, bar a few survivors as zoo residents or as pets.

So, if this comes about, I wonder where you would stand on the eating of this kind of "animal-free" meat.

From Amanda Bolt, October 15, 2010. Time 15:32

Eeuww! I wouldn't even eat *vegetables* that had been heavily processed, let alone meat cultivated in a factory!Where would the chi come from?
I spontaneously became a vegetarian nearly a year ago now. This was mainly because of the cost of meat but now I would never eat meat again. Anyone who is in any doubt that vegetariansim is the way forward should watch Earthlings (available on googlevideo). I know there is an argument that we can't feed the world if it was vegetarian, and that vegetables take more energy to grow than they provide compared to meat but we Westerners could do with eating less anyway.

From Philip Quackenbush, October 15, 2010. Time 22:39

Okay, folks,

Lots of luck staying on a vegetarian or especially a vegan diet (I've done both for varying lengths of time). While they can be beneficial short term (up to several years), the downside can be as severe in the long term as consuming too many animal products (does the average mother refuse to give her baby mother's milk because it's an animal product? If so, IMO it should be a prosecutable offense). When you get back to eating meats or at least fish, stay away from the toxins-added versions, such as farmed fish, injected cattle and caged chickens). The fact is that there are no cultures in the world that have been vegan prior to the tiny artificial ones set up by the mentation-driven alternate lifestyles cultures in the contemporary world. The human body was not evolved to thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet, and any attempt to do so will result eventually in reduced lifespan and/or reduced capacity to function biologically over the years. Fortunately, it's impossible to be either entirely vegetarian or vegan, because every breath you take contains millions of microorganisms, and any food that one consumes has millions or billions more, the number of bacteria in your gut equalling or exceeding the number of cells in your body (50 to 100 trillion by most estimates). In saying all this, I'm not promoting overconsumption of animal products, but there needs to be a balance between what the mind has come up with in analysis and the feelings have come up with in reaction to various images, etc., or to be more simplistic about it, the right and left brains (again, there are more neurons in the gut than in your head, so following what your gut tells you about your food should take precedence over what your head or "heart" tells you, IMO, though all forms of data can be useful.

Peace, Philip

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