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SCHISMS? ALREADY?. From LEONARD WELLS, October 15, 2008. Time 5:54

I like it but aren't we in fact just like the Puritans and the Catholics? Aren't we a wee bit young as a 'religion' to be already splitting into different groups?

I think actually we keep using our minds about Subud and that don't work not no how!

From Merin Nielsen, October 16, 2008. Time 12:20

Well, the process of using my mind seems to "not work" with respect to the latihan, of course. With respect to Subud, the situation is completely different, because Subud is basically just an organisation -- it isn't in the same category as the latihan. Subud is a human creation with worldly possibilities, including some very useful and some not-so-useful aspects, along with potential for adaptation and improvement. It's healthy to compare opinions about Subud!

On the one hand, you mention schism and splitting, but that would imply some irreconcilable divergence of opinion among Subud members. On the other hand, there may well be a divergence of opinion, but it may remain reconcilable -- by ensuring that our different perspectives are plain and transparent and openly discussed, while respectfully agreeing to disagree about various aspects of the Subud organisation. Then I think no schism or splitting would be necessary. Why should it be?

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