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Merin Nielsen - Genuinely Open

Unblocking is needed, not advertising. From Edward Fido, November 30, 2007. Time 0:44

Um, a spring of fresh water has bubbled up, Merin?

Problem is that it is now seemingly blocked.

Has God blocked it as a lesson to us like the blocked sping in the marvelous film Manon des Sources?

Unblocking, not advertising, is the problem, in my opinion.

Subud is not a religion but a spiritual way, ex-Java, which could lead anyone anywhere.

"Finding God" is not a cute party trick to be displayed at will but something that requires a person is prepared to sacrifice everything. No wonder so few, in Subud, or anywhere make it.

There is really nothing to sacrifice about the externals of what we call Subud. It is self-destructing. Fast.

I wish it an early death and (possible) resurrection.

We have created this vast Waste Land.

Only the very bravest - Dirk Campbell, Marcus Bolt etc. - will eventually come through remade.

Cowardice - fear - of change is all that's in the way.

Oh, yes, you've also got to do it yourself.

The other problem.

Remember The Pearl of Great Price? The real one?

How much?

Too much for most.

You know, I have no sympathy at all for them.

From Merin Nielsen, November 30, 2007. Time 2:54

Hi, Edward,

It's great to hear from you. I'm optimistic about the future of the latihan of Subud - which is to say that I look forward to many more people trying it out. As for Subud the organisation, well, if it is to remain the latihan's caretaker, then I think Subud must change eventually, although maybe just before it expires! One problem with Subud, I suspect, is that it tends to make us suppose that we are special. On average, people everywhere are the same. Subud people, seekers and others, are no different on average from anyone else. We all need fresh water.



From Edward Fido, November 30, 2007. Time 7:16

Hi Merin,

Yes, good to hear from you too and thank you for your reply.

I am not surprised many worthy folk in Subud are concerned about the expected early demise of the organisation as it now exists.

To be honest, I think it was blown out of the water long ago, by life.

My suspicion is that nothing useful will be lost. It never is. But what happens next to the dead centres is a dead certainty.

All the best,


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