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Merin Nielsen - An Atheist View

Thank God For Subud Atheists!. From stefan, August 29, 2011. Time 10:6


I find a value in the latihan that is entirely outside the realm of personal cosmologies. I crave diverse friends to share the inclusive feeling of the latihan with; not just people who mirror my own ideas. I regret the lack of awareness I sometimes find in the way Subud is described - or testing questions are framed. The routine use of the word God, or the question "How does God want us to..." is likely to discourage or exclude individuals who look at our latihan experience in different ways, such as a polytheistic (Hindu) or a secular viewpoint.

At UK congress a Subud friend just asked me if I knew other atheists who do the latihan. I'm delighted that I can show him this article. My respect and appreciation for the way you have explained your perspective without seeking to make others "wrong" for theirs.

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