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Merin Nielsen - Why Subud Groups Should Not Present Bapak’s Talks

bravo merin nielsen. From John Elwyn Kimber, September 23, 2009. Time 14:10

Bravo Merin Nielsen for a brave and forthright series of will be a shame if Subud has to be dismantled In order to liberate the Latihan, but this looks increasingly likely as the only way to save the Latihan from Subudism. The alternative would be a new set of articles of association emphatically restating Subud's original and entirely ecumenical aims - and I do not think that this will be forthcoming.

The future may be in finding out who is still committed to the Latihan but not "Subudism", and the formation if neccessary of "Latihaneers' networks" which will by-pass the dwindling remnants of the Subud organisation. It would be better if Subud could just grow up and change, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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