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Germination first, then Plant and Flowers, for some.. From Bronte, May 4, 2009. Time 6:11

My own Feeling as opposed to my Thoughts on this matter is that, for you, it is like a plant.
The seed is sown. It must prepare, then emerge. The flowers are not due any time soon. But the plant may be.
I am trained as a horticulturalist, and I love making analogies.
So that one came to me.
Further, I believe that it is likely you will find things in your normal everyday activities that are slightly different from usual. The Subud experience is, after all, part of our normal everyday life, not just a "Sunday Thing", or a "Latihan Night" thing.
As I like to say, true religion is what is left after the priests, the books, and the rituals are all out of reach. And that, to me is also Subud.
See if you find a help in Sudarto's small stories about growth, to be found on the site.
I would like to say much more. But I hope this is enough, and maybe even helpful to you.

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