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Four Authors - Testing the Committee

End the "dog and pony show" of testing for committee positions.. From Hadrian, March 31, 2009. Time 10:20

First, we should no longer use the term "testing" That word is an old, old, old mistranslation of M.S. Sumohadiwidjojo by John Bennett. More accurately, the practice is "focused" receiving. The focus is provided by the question we pose before doing the exercise.

Next, our exercise and our receiving is a personal process. We need not require committee candidates to go through the dog and pony show that is public testing for a committee job.

Want a "test" before a vote? Then do a focused receiving about who should receive your vote.

Want to "test" before you stand for a vote? Do a focused receiving privately about doing the job.


All we need do is bury old practices that do not serve us well and are founded on a misunderstanding of the role of receiving in guiding our actions.

Oh my god. We are doomed. :)

From Michael, April 1, 2009. Time 0:34

Hadiran: "Simple."

Well,not quite so fast.

There is the more fundamental problem of what testing, or bettern focused receiving, should be used for. In my opinion, testing is only useful for helping in the understanding of the latihan and only then for the benefit of individuals. This is a statement about helper vs committee work, the difference between decisions about spiritual and temporal matters. Since, again, in my opinion, helper work is about the individual and his/her latihan and only about that, then testing is useful for helper work. If we must cite Bapak (and why not?) he made a repeated distinction between helper and committee work. The distinction was admittedly fuzzy but as far as I'm concerned the helpers have invaded committee work hugely and usually through testing and committees have weakly acquiesed, all in the name of 'certainty' which has demonstrably never existed.

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