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Michael Irwin - How I Latihan

Rare Inside Details of the latihan. From Stefan, January 3, 2008. Time 18:8

Intimate Details

Hello Michael,

What is so unusual about this article is that you have the guts to give specific details of your actual latihan at various times. Such as ...

"After I was opened I immediately moved. My latihans were very noisy and active. They were muscular... The first thing I had to satisfy myself about was: “Was doing the latihan dangerous?” That question faded as time passed and nothing beyond what I could handle in the way of emotional disturbances occurred. The second thing was to determine if my will was involved. I tried moving my body in latihan because I wanted to, not because it just moved by itself. I was soon able to tell the difference between willed and non-willed movement... The question of thoughts interfering with the latihan began to take centre stage."

In our collective literature this inside-eye, including issues that arise, is as rare as gold-dust. I'd love to read accounts by others.

A few accounts like this might also meet a wider need: to indicate to a person not in Subud some of the dynamic qualities of the latihan exercise and some of peoples responses (challenges and breakthroughs) in practicing it. This, being based on description, might avoid the problems so many of us are daunted by, of portraying the latihan in a way that might engage both a religious and a secular enquirer.

Best wishes from Stefan

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