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More on NVC. From Simon Beck, January 6, 2008. Time 2:44


I am delighted to hear you learned more about NVC; my needs for peace and contribution have been met.

Mostly NVC presentations have been well received at Subud gatherings. Some members in the Vancouver area have organized practice groups which seems to make a big difference. NVC is easy to learn but hard to put into practice so a practice group give members a place to role play and to get deep empathy for emotional pain. It can be useful to get feedback about how our habitual language may provoke resistance in others. You may have noticed that some members in Canada who contribute to this site sometimes refer to NVC (Sjhari Holland and Andrew Hall come to mind) sometimes as examples and sometimes to query what the need or purpose of certain communication is about. I am grateful for their efforts as it helps me to continue to learn. There lots of on-line opportunities to learn as well. There are a few more Subud members now offering NVC courses and practice groups. Please contact me if want consultation on how to go about it at

I wrote a masters thesis about relating NVC to a number of different of world views and therapies if you are interested is such things. If so I can email it to you. There is a link at the site. It is called Developing NVC:an integral approach. Marshall writes about NVC and spirituality. He sees it as a spirituality that arises between people. It is also on the site. It takes some poking around to find it.

If I have one reminder it is to remember that the intention is to connect so that natural cooperation can emerge. I have found for myself that some of the NVC language can be off-putting to others who are not familiar with it so it works better to be mindful of the principles but use more everyday words.

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