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Marcus Bolt - Process Not Prozac

A Discussion Continued.. From Subud Vision editors, October 16, 2007. Time 23:16

We have moved to this page some discussion that started on the general feedback page, but which gradually led to a discussion that was relevant to Marcus's Process Not Prozac article.

Fair, caring, human behaviour. From Bronte, October 14, 2007. Time 14:33

It is NOW that I, and probably everyone else who writes here, wants to see some changes, although yesterday would have been a good time too.

Simple things, like being humane enough to apologise now for past mistakes, so they can be items of behaviour that stop NOW!

Simple things like showing people that we care enough to reach out to those who are unhappy or dissatisfied, including members who walked away, or were driven away. (ME for one)

Latihan alone is not a substute for fair, caring, human behaviour, and doesn't guarantee it.

I get a bit fed up with those who say "latihan is enough"

I'd rather have a little friendly dialog than a One-time National Chairman shouting at me accross a courtyard, at National Congress, that I am a liar, as happened, without him checking his facts properly. Our Subud behaviour often fails to look good in the light of day.

We can act better than we do.

Common courtesy and decency, as an exercise of the mind and heart, are necessary alongside the latihan, in order for Subud to grow. And it is still much lacking where I live.

And I still believe Subud is meant to grow. Maybe not in my lifetime.

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