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Marcus Bolt - Process Not Prozac

Questioning the Status Quo.. From stefan, August 15, 2007. Time 8:42

Marcus, I'm very grateful that you share this personal story.

Every organisation wants to present its best face to the world. The temptation, then, is to try to cover up mistakes and to pretend their conflicts don't exist. To do this they may criticise or ostracise anyone who fails to collude in maintaining the brittle facade of unity.

In Subud, it's vital that we recognise and outgrow this tendency, and allow an individual to question the status quo without being condemned as a mad-person or traitor. This is because our organisation is not a religion and is based on members' equality. A healthy network will view ongoing evaluation as normal. All feedback is potentially useful, leading to open-minded discussion and exploring new opportunities in a changing world.

The alternative is an association which becomes rigid and repressive. Many Subud members do not want stagnation, and - from what I am hearing and reading - are now feeling an urgency to say so.


From Bronte, August 15, 2007. Time 13:15

What a lovely word "equality"

I used to think that "fairness" and "equality" were part of Subud.

After all, the "officials" who revile me were almost all opened after me, so my experience was a long as theirs in many cases.

But I was destroyed by all the "superior" people, and am spending all my time in communicating with Subud seemingly on trying to establish that I respect everyone, but when I see people in need, I have a duty to try and care for their difficulties. I also expect that to be the caring and loving response from those who officially are "in charge."

It just doesn't seem to work like that.

I hope it will, for a core group who really manage to "Get the message" which is contained in the works Bapak Subuh did for us.

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