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Marcus Bolt - Watch Your Language

Love Your Writing. From LA Lady, June 1, 2011. Time 4:53

Great article on "Watch Your Language" beautifully written and the beginning with the quote of Sarah Palin really rocked it. Words are so important to impart the correct meaning of what we are trying to get across to the public. I just finished a creative writing course and will be taking journalism next. I'm in school working on a BA and making films. I've been in Subud for 42 years too. Revising a script at the moment, "How I Survived the Sixties" about my opening and made sure not to put the word Subud in it but refer to a spiritual path. God-willing(lol)it will be made into a Feature Film someday. Just discovered Subud Vision today and hope to be a contributor and read more articles. Blessings!

From marcus Bolt, June 10, 2011. Time 8:52

Thanks for positive feedback - always welcome! (As Virginia Woolf wrote in her Diaries, "The worst of writing is that one depends so much upon praise.")

We must have been opened around the same time? (Oct 9 68 for me).

As they say, 'Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.'

Look forward to reading some contributions from you in the near future.

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