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Marcus Bolt - Watch Your Language

Refreshing Reading. From Maria Cameron, June 25, 2010. Time 15:28

Thank you Marcus for submitting the article 'Watch Your Language' to the journal. Refreshing reading and very much to the point. I would like to hope that your article could generate some debate on how we share ouir understanding of the latihan to non Christians, atheists, agnostics etc. My 6 year old grand-daughter asked her Mum if she believed in God and got a very quick reply in the negative. She didn't ask me (thankfully), but it got me thinking how would I answer that. Perhaps if she was older I might be inclined to ask 'What do you mean by God?' - because I doubt we would be talking the same language. But the creed, the dogma is so ingrained we are oblivious to its impact on others not involved in religion. We need to stress the spiritual, however that is understood, and as you say, leave the Abrahmic language out of it. How do we get there?
Thanks again, much appreciated.

From Philip Quackenbush, June 27, 2010. Time 21:19

While I agree with Marcus' article, no procedure for implementing his suggestions is offered. That's why I recently suggested that a compilation of all websites referring to Subud be made available (to simplify a Google search for the enquirer that might otherwise involve thousands of entries). That way, potential members or "latihan" exercitants outside the org. can decide for themselves from freely available materials on the Net whether what the "latihan" offers is relevant to their lives. For many that already have it in some other format (such as Osho's cult), joining the Subud cult may not be necessary or relevant to them. It also would be a step towards real democracy, where people can think for themselves, something often not seen or encouraged in the Subud cult, and sorely needed at the present time to combat the hypnotic effects of current environmental factors, such as TV and corporate "news".

Peace, Philip

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