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Marcus Bolt - What I Like about Subud

What I Like About Subud - Yes, me too!. From Daisy, January 25, 2009. Time 18:15

Marcus, I have just read your article 'What I Like About Subud' in The Journal and wanted to say that I really like and completely agree with what you have said.

I joined Subud 30 years ago and except for a few early years have been mainly out on a limb, detached from the organisational side of things, indeed seperate from a group of any size. It is only in the last few years, living in SE England near a large group that I have really got involved with the social and organisational side of Subud. While, I now am very much enjoying the social side of Subud, going to meetings and conferences etc I am very pleased to have had many years of simply doing latihan with one or two others, a spiritual practice uncluttered by group politics, social attractions and distractions, well-intended (although not always helpful) advice, reading of Bapaks talks and so on. I feel it has given me a bedrock of the essential latihan experience which is my own, rather than something strongly shaped by someone else's words or writings. So now, when I rub up against the debates, issues, problems and wrangles, inherent in the larger Subud world (indeed in any organisation) I can reconnect with what Subud means to me - it is my own internal experience of the latihan, that wonderful indescribable place/state. I agree with you that THIS is what it is really about, and what keeps us practising it. And yes, let's dip into any or all of the rest of it as much, or as little as one wants, but not forget to keep in touch with the real heart of it.

To you and all the other Subud Vision authors, I say - keep up the Subud Vision writings and discussion! It is healthy for us to question what we are invovled in, to offer constructive critiques and considered debates. Many thanks.

From marcus Bolt, January 25, 2009. Time 20:30

Hi Daisy

Thank you for your warm contact and sharing your experiencing.

Part of me feels, 'let everyone do their thing; hang loose (like we are) or make the whole thing into 'a 'belief system' or anything in between- what does it matter? We're all stretched out on a road, all where we are... The other part feels to do that allows the 'religious' (in a pejorative sense) to narrow Subud down into a new religion with a prescribed set of beliefs. So, sometimes I feel free and just get on with my life, othertimes, I write articles!

Thanks again


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