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Marcus Bolt - What I Like about Subud

Whither indeed?. From Edward Fido, January 7, 2009. Time 2:14

A thoroughly good, and, ultimately, encouraging article, Marcus.
I am still in my position of Right Outside in the Subud game but am encouraged by events taking place and people there.
There is, in my experience, considerable difference between the Subud situation in various groups in this country. Differences between Subud in various nations would, I imagine, be even greater.
Somehow, in some places here, Subud has become, in my opinion, somewhat cliquey and inbred with a self-perpetuating 'in' group.
My gut feeling and my few memories of Bapak and what I would call 'wider Subud' is that this cliquiness is deadly.
In a way I don't feel it's my problem as I've tried not to be like that.
My feeling is to just get on with what I feel is necessary and things will sort themselves out.
Subud seems to be going through quite a sorting out experience.
Unless we start with ourselves we won't go anywhere.
I got the feeling that what you and others say is not all that different to what I feel.

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