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Marcus Bolt - Process Not Prozac

Deeds, not words. From Frank Richardson, January 20, 2008. Time 11:48

Marcus' article is not only eloquent, but very frank and refreshing - a veritable breath of fresh air in the Subud smog. I am saddened that he was treated badly by his group. Such ungraciousness (even rudeness) is, in my short experience of Subud, pretty typical of the mind-set of a few who so covet their, albeit small, part in the spread of Subud outside Indonesia, they defensively see themselves as privileged founts of spiritual wisdom when they are nothing of the sort (holding such a belief is, in any case, conclusive proof of its falsity and ungraciousness is yet further proof).

In "The Meaning of Subud" (page 45) Bapak writes, "people of their own accord will become attracted [to Subud] - not because they are influenced by anything you say or do, but because they will see and recognise the truth within you." He also states that the way things should happen in Subud should correspond with the precept, 'Deeds not words'. I, on the other hand, was attracted by the recognition of a truth that seemed to have become so submerged it appeared as little more than a sad vestige that was far from being translated into deeds! Imagine how it might shine if a few old barnacles were gently encouraged to loosen their grip!

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