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Marcus Bolt - Process Not Prozac

The Nature of Forgiveness. From Maryam El-Murad, July 7, 2007. Time 22:52

An extremely well thought out article, if I may say so, and presented with honesty to the point of self-exposition (which also exposes the milieu while protecting their identities) and with meticulous effort, time-consuming eye for detail and chivalrously respectful analysis. There is unquestionably more than forgiveness for the offending perpetrators on the part of the author (despite lack of acknowledgement of the fact and the act on the part of his erstwhile friends and neighbours); and credibility in a ridiculous notion that they did it with the best of intentions, regardless of the painful scapegoat almost ostracisation which took place. Living in close proximity in a God - guided community has been compared to being part of a metallic chain, where each member is a link; interaction between members, though sometimes irritating (squabbling, bitching) can be likened to the process of those links grating against each other while simultaneously scratching away at the otherwise accumulating 'rust'. However, in a God-guided community this should still be tempered with courtesy and lack of victimisation. Methinks the author should reserve his appreciation for God rather than inferring that his kind 'testing spiritual family' had done their deeds from a higher motive. I am glad that his situation is far improved by distancing themselves from the Judas-like community. May Allah continue to give him and his wife a better lifestyle and happier environment, and may those who, in spiritual self-justification, cause hurt and loneliness to innocent victems one day come to understand that that is not what being spiritually developed is all about.

By way of a suggestion to the author; Marcus, perhaps you felt that forgiving could be seen as a somewhat arrogant gesture becoz you were in a one-way relationship with it. The forgiveness process begins with the instigator asking forgiveness from the wronged parties. How can you forgive someone who doesn't need your forgiveness because he thinks he was doing right by you? If you do that, you are giving him something he does not want! Nor is there any point in asking God to forgive something that was done to you rather to Himself - the latter of which are so numerous that we should really start to appreciate how generous is His Mercy.

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