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Léonard Lassalle - Latihan for All of Humanity

Newcomer to Subud responds. From Max, April 21, 2009. Time 4:50

21 April 2009 Tuesday

I am so pleased to read your article and the feedback. I'm a newcomer to Subud. I wanted to be "opened" so badly that I was prepared to tolerate any and all the outdated practices of Subud, because I could draw a line between Subud the organisation and latihan the practice.

I must admit I found the term "applicant" rather demeaning. Why not just call him/her an "enquirer" if you really need a term?

I am grateful to all the writers and contributors, and not only do I enjoy every word that is written, but am learning a great deal through their honesty and love.

Maybe one of these days I could write something about the 3-month experience which I find totally unnecessary.

I would have preferred my helpers to have offered to talk more about their experiences [that was why I was there - to find out] but many helpers were silent and had to wait for my prompts. I didn't want to talk so much of myself, because I wouldn't be learning anything if I did. The one hour allocated to the weekly meeting was too short. Also, no helper made it a point to ask for my phone number or to speak to me during the week and befriend me outside the weekly meeting. Neither did they offer any contact numbers or invite me to call them. Yet they said they enjoyed their weekly sessions with me very much.

Like most people, Subud members are nothing special. They are not particularly gifted in putting people at ease or making them feel welcome. I hardly detected any warmth from any of them, except one. Having said that, they were all very nice people, again without exception.

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