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Helissa Penwell - Latihan Communities and Organization: a Dialogue

Sharing Without Conditions. From stefan, February 14, 2011. Time 17:58

I enjoyed this dialogue very much and Ibrahim's letter to Bapak of long ago. There's a key idea Helissa and Ibrahim are proposing which I would like to highlight. Up till now we have generally talked in terms of an individual who becomes interested in the latihan. Whereas in fact the global spread of Subud came about largely because of the intenational spiritual network of Gurdgieff people. Today there are far more networks of spiritual explorers such as the New Thought movement. They connect spiritually inclined people who are no longer comfortable with the concept of God but are interested to attune with the oneness and interconnectedness of all experience and to create positive links with others which allow people of diverse faith backgrounds to explore Unity together. The latihan could well fit in with and enhance such a group - or, as Helissa says, a yoga group. If we are willing to share it with those who already have a group identity rather tan try to incorporate them into a "latihaners" club I could see the latihan spreading far and wide. Latihaners clubs would then become widespread and commonplace. This can include sessions for "purists" who don't want to attune to Oneness or practice yoga first. But first, surely, comes the networking and sharing without conditions...

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