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Helissa Penwell - The Introductory Period

Grace runs my life. From Julian Spalding, November 23, 2008. Time 17:11

Dear Subud members,
I was opened in LA about the same time as Helissa...1967. I waited 3 months, quite willingly. I like the idea of testing for each applicant. I left Subud in the early 70s, but Bapak's April 28, 1976 talk sums up my belief: "It is clear the latihan...will never leave us once we have been opened." The latihan is God's grace, which is coming through now with increasing intensity in many forms: Deeksha Oneness Blessing, Grace Light, both of which I have received and transmit. In early 70s I received initiation of illumination with Holy Order of MANS, another form of Grace. I have no doubt the Latihan opened the way for grace to appear in other forms. All comes from God and all opens us to a greater reality beyond the nafsu of this world. I am grateful for the Latihan even though I no longer practice it. I know my life has been guided by Grace and by the Latihan. many blessings, Julian Spalding, Albuquerque, NM

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