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Helen Bailie - Bait and Switch

The esoteric side of Subud. From Hadrian, March 31, 2009. Time 10:2

Bait and switch huh?

Like having someone invest 3 months "hearing about" the spiritual exercise and, only after being permitted to join, being permitted to read the words writen by the "teacher who is not a teacher", M.S. Sumohadiwidjojo?

His "explainations" are esoteric and largely unrelated to the actual practice of the spiritual exercise.

When I was a helper, I asked about the person's own religious views and spiritual practice. I then framed my explaination of the spiritual exercise of Subud in terms they could understand from that perspective.

Subud can only grow when we grow able to adapt to the applicant's perspective and not require them to learn the esoteric views of a dead Indonesian.

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