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Hossanah Diver - The Latihan Place

Experiences of various latihan halls. From Haskel Adamson, August 9, 2007. Time 23:47

I too have done latihans where i received to be on the only bit of carpet in the hall in front of the only heater. The church hall in Lyme Regis, to name names. I was opened there. Since then my groups have been the mansion at Glensevin, Wales; Lewes Hall a delightful place known by everyone in town. Apparently there are ten yoga groups there, a children dance class has been there for two generations. And now i live at Loudwater, which is refurbished, clean and full of flowers, well kept gardens, stream running by; a beautiful place in anyones standards. We have less than ten months left on the lease and we are working hard to find a way to buy the property or probably lose it forever. We created a wonderful latihan space here from old cow sheds 35 years ago, and we believe through our efforts, we will retain the property, and can be proud of what subud members have achieved.

From Hossanah Diver, August 14, 2007. Time 22:4

I also think Loudwater is a special place & have stayed there & visited a number of times. Perhaps you remember the grand occasion of the Mediaeval Fayre in the 70's! So it's good to think of the positive, but what can we do to improve the situation in those groups with a large number of people on their list & yet only a handful attending Latihan & who do not spend any time together after Latihan? I too hope with all my heart that Loudwater will be retained; it is a beautiful example of what a Subud premises should be like.

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