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Hassanah Briedis - The Latihan of Subud, Dissociation and the Neurology of Spiritual Experience

And I thought dissociation was healthy..... From gordon j, March 8, 2010. Time 0:14

I found this article very helpful. I would decribe myself as a Subud enquirer ie I am not a member though perhaps in the process of deciding if the Latihan is a gift I should receive. I realised that I often disasociate with feeling angry with family by doing as the author's father did , retire to my room and sit in silence. Something clicked as I read and realised how unhealthy to suppress the anger as if to fear it. The challenge is to express it contructively and perhaps then retire.

An interesting question is also posed,

"The question of whether we are creating the experience of God or alternatively, registering the effect of God's presence in us, is not one that can be answered as yet."

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