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Hassanah Briedis - The Latihan of Subud, Dissociation and the Neurology of Spiritual Experience

Dissociation and the practice of the latihan. From Michael Irwin, August 6, 2007. Time 23:33

From Mike Higgins, August 5, 2007. Time 21:28

[This paragraph moved from the last paragraph of feedback ro “How I Latihan” by Michael Irwin]

I'd like to also add, in reference to the Hassanh Briedis's article in which the latihan was compared to dissociation (which is considered a pathological psychological state); in my view, if you're dissociating, you're not practicing the latihan. If it took someone 20 years to discover that, their helpers should be fired -{;?). I see this as the primary reason Subud is not growing, many Subud members do not understand the meaning of the latihan. It is a spiritual practice, not a form of therapy or religion, so do not expect it to cure your neuroses/psychoses. That is a dangerous assumption.

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