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Erica Sosna - God's Work

Dear Erica. From haskel adamson, May 14, 2008. Time 9:31

Hi Erica ,
I enjoyed reading your article. Though I have always felt I have followed my own path in life, when I was opened ten years ago, I was so bowled over by my experiences, that I accepted some of the more dubious theories that abound in Subud circles. Theories that probably made more sense 50 years ago in Indonesia. I really appreciate Subud vision as a forum for Subud members to speak their minds without feeling that they are blaspheming in some way.

Subud is a powerful tool for transformation, the flip side of this is its power for manipulation through encouraging new members to believe in the teachings of Bapak, or "his helpers".

Ten years ago there seemed to be a lot more "Bapak says", and i'm glad this has diminished. The three month rule is a maximum time limit, but helpers feel they have to wait this long for some reason. Why not open people after a few meetings and meet up with them for a few months afterwards? to help them make sense of their new experiences.

I enjoyed meeting you at congress last year, and it's good to read that you are keeping your own mind.

love Haskel

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