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The Editors - Change vs. Authority

Synergy. From stefan, October 9, 2009. Time 11:34

Congrats and thanks to whoever edited this. (Rosalind?)

Not only a useful discussion, but a demo of creative sparks and synergy arising from a good email exchange. I'm hoping to see more of this going on in Subud circles.

From manuel urrejola, August 17, 2011. Time 18:16

Dear editors: I´m sorry if my previous feedback was too passionate or hurt your feelings in some way.
I only pretended to make my point: although I certainly agree that our Subud experience shouldn´t be centred in Bapak´s figure or sayings, we shouldn´t forget that for many members -including me- Bapak´s advice is considered of great value.
This involves we should expect an evolution in Subud for the coming years, where tolerance becomes the instrument for our development.
I guess we will have to find a middle point between the more traditional points of view and the more "revolutionary" ones, so to say.
Maybe, this situation shows now because we are reaching a point in which the first generation(the pioneers) are passing away. Of course, they sticked very close to Bapak´s figure.
New generations, who didn´t experience "the living Bapak", will take their own possitions. This different aproachs will generate some friction, but that´s not necessarily bad, żis it?
With respect,Manuel.

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