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David Week - Clear the Path to the Latihan

What is the core?. From sjahari, September 25, 2007. Time 16:2

Good article David. You have outlined well the obstacles to this path. What you haven't really addressed is much more difficult though. If Subud and the latihan is NOT all the things that we know it is not (including the Javanese aspect) then what IS it?

I think it is a bit of a cop-out to just say it is a mystery.

I believe that we have to be able to address what is at its core in some way. And how it is distinguishable from other practises that look pretty similar--like movement improvisation for instance.

My view is that the outer garments of subud culture have arisen primarily because of the loss of the understanding of core so we retreat to what Dirk Campbell called the "husk".

In the end the impression that I walk away with from your article is like asking me to "don't think of an elephant." If we don't do all these things then we will be OK.

But what is the core? The husk couldn't compete with the core. And for the most part that is where I see the majority of connected young people residing. Although you can see the tendencies even there already, for the most part very few of them are interested in the husk, and when they talk about subud to their friends, they make no reference to it because it is irrevelant.

One final point--as well as looking at the people who leave and asking why that is, it might also be instructive to look at the new people who stay and the factors that contribute to their staying.

From David Week, September 27, 2007. Time 14:20

Hi Sjahari

Good question and beautiful imagery. I started to compose an answer, and realise it was getting to be a small essay. The answer to me about what is the core lies in two stories. One is the story of the Way of Unknowing, which is a term from the annals of mysticism. The other comes the realms of music, poetry and literature. Rather than clutter these pages here, I'll write my response as the first entry in my blog:

I'll drop you a line when it's ready. And thanks for getting me going on the blog.



PS: I agree, a good study would find out BOTH why people stay, and why they leave.

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